GE DASH 3000/4000/5000 issues

posted Apr 22, 2019, 10:06 AM by MedsVise   [ updated Jun 1, 2020, 1:57 AM ]

GE Healthcare:

We have in our workshop many GE Dash 3000/4000/5000 monitors that reboots in the middle of monitoring. They all have the same problem. Monitor displays for about 2-3 min. and reboot, or the monitor reboots almost right after it finishes starting up. It keeps doing it. All Dash’s that failed, all did similar.

Common error messages: 
  • Error message "SERVICE MONITOR, Possible Data Corruption"
  • Power on self-test fails every time at the "RAM test FAILED at ADR 30xxxxxx"
  • Missing ECG waveform.
  • Error message "Not for patient use"
  • SPO2 intermittently picking up the patients signal. This is an issue with the Dash 3000/4000/5000
  • Error message "NIBP Hardware Malfunction"
These errors occurs normally when there is a problem in the DAS (Data Acquisition Assembly). You will need to replace it. (GE approx. value: $4,000.00). 
We've replaced a lot of DAS Modules for half GE prices. These Dash's have been also upgraded to v6.7 with Oximax or Masimo SpO2 technology.

Front display assembly problems

These errors can occurs also when there is a problem with the display assembly flex cable. Because the communication between the Main CPU Board and DAS module is performed via the display flex cable. Tried ordering just the flex cable, and was told that GE no longer sells just that part. Had to get the whole assembly. (GE price approx. $2,000.00). We've replaced many flex cables for approx. $450.00.
Several displays failed on the Dash series after approximately 2 or 3 years of use. This problem is due to the backlight inverter failure. (GE price approx. $500.00). We've replaced many Dash 2000/3000/4000/5000 display inverter PCBs, we did this for the dim to black display on the unit. Our Dash 4000/5000’s that failed, all did similar and replaced a lot of the backlight inverter PCBs.
The GE Dash patient monitor systems have been around for about 10 years, which means the inverters are starting to go. We happen to stock the replacement inverter part # AC-1386D from ACI. To purchase this GE Dash replacement inverter please Contact Us.