PC Based ECG Workstation (MVC8000)

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 The device acquires functions that including synchronous sampling of conventional 12-lead ECG data and 3-lead vector ECG data, various forms of analysis and diagnosis, report output and other functions. As an integrated ECG analysis system, the device can reflect user's heart movement timely and accurately. The device is applicable for ECG examination in medical and health institutions at all levels, providing accurate and reliable basis for diagnosis. The device is designed to transmit data by Bluetooth in real-time, which is very convenient for use.

   Main Features
  • Compact and portable design for Recorder, support both Wilson and Frank lead system. Indicator light can prompt device working status, such as charging, low battery and Bluetooth mode.
  • Adopt real-time sampling, display and storage mode, providing functions such as QRS wave analyzing in real-time, HR calculation and real-time printing, as well as multiple filter methods to avoid from baseline drift and interference.