Leading company in Lebanon

MedsVise is based in Beirut Lebanon, owned and operated by Mr. William SKAFF who has been providing advanced technical support to the end users since 1983. After operating the service departments of companies such as LMT, Thomson CSF-Telephone, Alcatel CIT, and many other companies for many years, he realized that many people who needed comprehensive service solutions were not able to obtain it because of high deductibles and copay. From this realization MedsVise was created. We are committed to provide the finest customer service available in Lebanon.

Our national service center is located in Baouchriyeh, Queen's Plaza Center, Mirna Chalouhi highway. We are able to quickly and cost effectively provide comprehensive service and maintenance solutions on all general medical equipment used in hospitals and home care. A service network providing everything for medical and small electronic devices. In addition, You've chosen MedsVise repair service that will guarantee to keep your equipment performing like new and continues to operate at the highest level.