Depot Service

Solutions that manufacturer use internally

Because we've developed solutions that go far beyond conventional depot repair and maintenance functions. i.e. Basic & advanced cardiology, Diagnostic and Clinical systems, General Care, Healthcare IT, Monitoring systems, Life care support, Maternal-Infant care and Respiratory therapy. Solutions that manufacturer use internally, but almost never expect to find when outsourcing. 

MedsVise Depot Service Communications Process gives a customer the following information, in real-time on every Repair order:

This information can be sent simultaneously to various interested managers, e.g.: operations, sales, quality control.

We give you advanced solutions that make our service seem as though it’s being done in-house just the way you want it. Our Depot Repair options help you effectively manage repair costs. For instruments that can be shipped to our Depot Repair Center, our trained expert service team will make it a priority to clean, repair, and test your equipment to ensure optimal performance levels. After your equipment meets specifications, we will return it and provide a service document. In addition to outsourcing depot service, we can provide technical support. MedsVise is the only third-party service organization in Lebanon with a fully developed technical support capability.