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When a device is not performing as it should, it could be just one component letting the whole thing down. In cases such as these, it makes far more sense to replace the part that isn’t working correctly instead of the whole device. However, sourcing spare parts could prove difficult if the component in question is no longer produced by the original equipment manufacturer and is therefore obsolete.  

Control board
Airsep Elite 220V CB067-1

Control board
Airsep NewLife 220V CB067-2

NIBP pump
GE 2036658-001E

NIBP pump
GE 408169-002E

NIBP module
GE 2013114-020

NIBP module Solar
Marquette 800317-002 

Chopper motor
DO 22S2R28208E

Micro jammer
VersaMed 150158-00

DAS Assembly
GE 2024060-001E

CO2 sensor board
Sensormedics 768657

Mass flow sensor board
Sensormedics 777525

PMB Board
DO 1505-5502-000

Main CPU board Tram
Marquette 800210-006

Main CPU board Solar
Marquette 800678-002

 PMB Board
DO 8002308

STP board F-LM1
DO 8002577

Main CPU board DASH2500
GE 2023697-001

Nipro medical part

Gas measuring board
Datex 871487