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US $850.00

Vital signs monitor MVC5100

REF: 5100
ontec Medical Systems, CO., Ltd.

2.8'' (320×240) true color TFT LCD
Alarms | Review
chargeable battery
Basic Adult

Main features

  • 2.8'' (320×240) true color TFT LCD screen, displays the information of TEMP data, time, SpO2 Plethysmogram, alarm condition, trend graph, list and system settings, etc.;

  • Be applicable for NIBP, SpO2 and TEMP monitoring of adult, pediatric and neonate of all ages, easy to operate, high cost-effective;

  • Be applicable for medicine, surgery, operating room, ICU/CCU, emergency room, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics;

  • Compact and flexible appearance, easy for carrying and suitable for indoor and outdoor (in ambulance) monitoring;

  • Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery, ensures uninterrupted monitoring;

  • Perfect menu design, user-friendly interface;

  • Display the measurement result of SYS, DIA, SpO2, PR and bar graph by the display screen of high-brightness digital tube;

  • Visual and audible alarm for SYS, DIA, MAP, SpO2, PR and TEMP, and upper and lower limit of alarm can be set as necessary;

  • Independent nonvolatile memory, storage for up to 2,000 groups of NIBP data, 7900 groups of TEMP data and 78,000 groups of SpO2 data;

  • Convenient and quick in reviewing measurement data, available for reviewing the NIBP trend graph of 24 hours, TEMP data of 24 hours and SpO2 trend graph of 22 hours.

  • Dimension: 190 mm(L)×162 mm(W)×240 mm(H)

  • Weight: about 1.6 kg

Basic accessories

  • Adult SpO2 sensor

  • Adult NIBP cuff

  • NIBP extension tube

  • TEMP probe

  • Power cord

  • Power adapter

  • User Manual


  • Pediatric KIT

  • Neonate KIT

  • Vertical Trolley

  • Wall mount bracket

  • Adapter for ambulance

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